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Once upon a time, you could say you lived in Santa Monica or Culver City or Hollywood and people would know where to find you (and perhaps even a bit about your personality!) Today, those geographical designations are too vague because each of those communities – and the many others that collectively define the vibrant melting pot known as Los Angeles – have evolved into a patchwork of distinct micro-neighborhoods, each with its own character, culture and (of particular interest to homebuyers and sellers) area-specific property values.

In Westwood, for example, a single family residence in Little Holmby could be worth literally millions of dollars more than a comparable home south of Wilshire Boulevard. Even in Little Holmby, values vary substantially depending if you are east or west of Warner Avenue.

Having an intimate knowledge of these dynamics is part of the value proposition I offer as a top real estate agent, and can give both buyers and sellers a significant edge in the ever-changing market.

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