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All agents are not the same.

In Beverly Hills, Paul Margolis sold a home for $1 million above market value, a record-breaking deal that might have fallen out of escrow had Paul not foreseen a possible appraisal issue and therefore negotiated in advance to have the Appraisal Contingency waived.

In Cheviot Hills, Paul took on an expired listing which four different agents had been unable to sell, and within six weeks brought the owner an offer $200,000 above the highest previous asking price.

In Brentwood, Paul was unable to find a suitable home for a young professional couple so he literally walked up and down streets knocking on doors until he found a lease property that was perfect for his clients and convinced the owner to sell.

This is the kind of agent you want working for you.

Why Paul Margolis?

INTEGRITY. It’s in Paul’s DNA. The value behind every decision he makes. For you, the client, that means having the peace of mind that you will be treated with absolute honesty and transparency. By someone who always has your best interests in mind. Not just knowing, but feeling, that you are protected every step of the way.

KNOWLEDGE. Paul is a contracts expert. Sadly, most agents are not. Even some of the biggest ones don’t know the important intricacies of (and recent changes to) the Residential Purchase Agreement and other documents required in a real estate transaction. Not only does this give Paul a huge negotiating advantage, it is also why he partners with top escrow, title and mortgage experts: always looking for new ways to benefit you, the client, at every stage of the home selling or buying process.

SKILL. With the best marketing team in the business behind him, Paul is able to attract maximum (often national, even international) attention to his listings, both in the agent and buyer communities. That he consistently shatters sales records in every neighborhood of Los Angeles and at every price point – and also receives glowing testimonials from his buyer clients – shows how effective Paul is on both sides of the transaction.

MONEY. Every dollar counts. Paul knows this. When selling homes, he consistently nets more than other agents, between 4 and 10 percent above industry average. When representing buyers, he is just as effective, not only in negotiating a great sales price but also when handling the Request For Repairs and Property Appraisal, the two other key negotiations that many agents often mishandle.

A former writer/producer in both film and television, Paul is an Estate Director and Entertainment Industry Specialist at Rodeo Realty in Beverly Hills, where he lives with his wife and three daughters.